always developing food and drink.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

Cheeky, hot headed and confident are just some of the words used to describe Olly but as an experienced chef these are the qualities that have put him on the map.

Known in the chilli industry as Chilly Olly, Olly can be found working with various companies across the UK designing new sauce concepts and brands, launching new products at a rate many of us could only dream of, providing chef consultancy for up and coming venues or giving cooking demos on the UK fast growing Chilli Festivals scene! 

No matter where you meet Olly his knowledge, passion for flavour and cheeky character leave you feeling excited, whether you are a chilli head or are just starting on your chilli adventure you will be hard pushed to find a more inspiring chef!


Olly’s range of peanut butters and jams (The Nutty Professor) pick up 9 medals in 2017 and 3 more during 2018!

Along with the awards from Nutty Professor product awards within the last two year have exceed 30 along with his days running pubs and restaurants he is credited with over 5 awards within four years including Pub Champion of the Year in Huntingdonshire in 2014 and several Most Improved Rural Pubs of the Year awards.

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